Wandering Distillery's Adventure-Inspired Odyssey Gin Cocktail

Wandering Distillery's Adventure-Inspired Odyssey Gin Cocktail

 The Creative Journey Behind Wandering Distillery's New Gin Cocktail

I'm thrilled to write about another award-winning spirit from Wandering Distillery - Odyssey Gin. This aromatic, beautifully balanced gin took me on a flavour voyage to craft the perfect blend of botanicals that creates an exceptionally smooth yet complex gin unlike any other.

Odyssey Gin brings together a mix of nine carefully selected botanicals, including native Australian ingredients like finger lime, lemon myrtle, hemp seeds and rosemary. 

Finding and fine-tuning the right combination of herbs, citrus and botanicals was a true labour of love, but the result is a gin that stands out for its complexity, smoothness and distinctive Aussie essence.

After months of testing, I landed on a recipe that highlights the fresh citrus notes of native finger limes balanced by the almost creamy undertones delivered by hemp seeds and the pleasant lift from rosemary. A balance of flavours from the nine  botanicals including finger lime and lemon myrtle that reveal themselves sip after sip. This is a spirit meant for savouring, either on its own or as a stellar base for cocktails.

Odyssey gin is perfect savoured neat, with your favourite tonic or in the Odyssey cocktail.

A Flavour Profile

To highlight the versatility and stand-out taste of Odyssey Gin, a signature cocktail was crafted that allows its botanical blend to take centre stage. The Odyssey Cocktail balances the gin's bright, aromatic flavour profile with complementary citrus juices and a homemade lemon myrtle syrup. A quick shake, strain and garnish creates a refreshing and utterly unique gin cocktail.

With just three ingredients - Odyssey Gin as the foundation plus fresh lemon juice, house-made lemon myrtle syrup and lemon garnish - the Odyssey Cocktail lets the gin speak for itself. It's smooth enough for cocktail newbies yet interesting enough for seasoned gin aficionados. Bright with a slightly zesty backbone, it's crisp and lively on the palate.

A key flavour inclusion in the Odyssey cocktail is the uniquely Australian Lemon Myrtle Syrup.  You can download the cocktail recipe book containing the simple recipe and method to make Lemon Myrtle Syrup.

The Signature Odyssey Cocktail Recipe 

The proprietary artisan Odyssey gin cocktail recipe combines:
- 60ml Wandering Distillery Odyssey Gin
- 20ml Fresh Lemon Juice
- 20ml Lemon Myrtle Syrup

Our cocktail guide details the optimal prep, shake, strain, and garnish for assembling the Odyssey. Learn how chilling, shaking vigour and ideal pour can elevate your cocktails.

Flavour Profile Pairing Suggestions

I like to serve the Odyssey Cocktail as a conversation-starting appetiser beverage to enjoy alongside seafood, sharp cheddars and antipasto platters. It also makes a refreshing sipper for backyard barbecues with mates. However you choose to enjoy it, the Odyssey Gin and signature cocktail take familiar gin from expected to exceptional.

I'm excited for you to join me on this flavour journey and sample Wandering Distillery's distinctly Australian creations. Our award-winning Odyssey Gin and namesake cocktail offer a smooth, aromatic and utterly unique gin experience. Let me know your thoughts on our latest spirit and mixology innovations!

You can learn more or try Odyssey gin by clicking here.


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