Wandering Distillery

Wandering Distillery is a  family owned distillery in Perth, Western Australia known for creating unique gins with distinctive flavours by combining native and traditional botanicals.  Their reputation as one of the state’s best gin distillers continues to grow having recently been crowned Champion Distillery at the 2023 Perth Royal Distilled Spirits Awards and with their Gins having won numerous other awards both domestically and overseas.

Our distiller’s name is Wade which means wanderer, he’s lived in a fair few places in Australia and overseas, followed his dream of professional sport in his early years and walked a few work paths before setting off on the craft spirits journey. Wade is married to an English lass from Bolton (their football team are the Wanderers) so with a wandering theme continually popping up when a name was needed for a small distillery it seemed that Wandering Distillery was the perfect choice.

We may not take ourselves too seriously, but we take what we produce very seriously and as a result we produce beautifully crafted Gins using botanicals that are organic where possible and local where available (some even come from our backyard). As we wander we’ll create a range of spirits reflecting our belief that every drink is a journey – from the start of a great night to the end, or the first sip of a drink that transports you back to a particular holiday or moment in time.

Come along for the journey… Wander with us!